Using Omega-3 testing to identify and personalize your optimal omega-3 level


Show Description:

Dr. Jackson describes how diet and supplements can be used to strategically achieve optimal omega-3 levels in our bodies. Many factors, from daily diet to activity level, influence individual omega-3 levels. Testing removes the guess work and enables personal optimization.

Topics Discussed:

2:09 Introduction to OmegaQuant
2:47 Omega-3 Index testing
8:19 Omega-3 supplements
12:00 Optimizing Omega-3 Index test results
15:05 Differences between Omega-3 Index and other tests
16:48 Optimal Omega-3 Index level
19:09 Do some people need more omega-3s?
21:00 Importance of omega-3s in pregnancy
22:39 Introducing fish and supplements to children

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

· Dr. Kristina Jackson bio
· OmegaQuant
· Omega 3 Index Calculator

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